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The Fifth Element Is Starting to Come True

The Fifth Element Is Starting to Come True

Earlier this week, we learned that Apple’s Touch ID could be used in third party apps with iOS 8, paving the way to make your fingerprint a universal password. On a seemingly unrelated note, we also discovered a concept cigarette designed to help you quit smoking . And suddenly, it seemed apparent. We’re living in The Fifth Element.

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Hubble is the single most useful science instrument ever created

Hubble is the single most useful science instrument ever created

No other single scientific device has gathered more data, confirmed more theories, made more discoveries, and given us more pure visual joy and awe than the Hubble Space Telescope—the single most useful science instrument ever created. NASA has just published some updated statistics to prove it.

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Reports of iPhone 4 death/undeath in India have been greatly exaggerated [Updated]

Update: It sounds as though reports of the iPhone 4’s death in India may have been greatly exaggerated. Instead, we’re hearing it’s nothing more than the normal changes in inventory levels associated with the timing of manufacturing runs. Of course, given the pattern of Apple’s yearly product cycle to date, productions runs on the iPhone 4 will no doubt slow down and stop altogether at some point. However, that again wouldn’t be unique to India. Just business as usual for Apple.

Apple is reportedly winding down iPhone 4 sales in India. The iPhone 4 served as a lower cost, entry level device for India and other emerging markets where competition from cheap Android and Windows Phone is far greater than in North America. That’s according to the The Times of India:

It will now pull out the product from all markets, one of its trade partners said. Another partner said the iPhone 4 had served its purpose in India: it doubled the consumer base of iPhones to more than 25 lakh people in one year. And, iPhone users generally being brand loyal, it’s unlikely that these users will migrate to any other brand, the person added.

Those other markets are Brazil, China, and Indonesia — markets with huge customer bases that are just starting to ease into buying more expensive smartphones like the iPhone. Samsung currently has a nearly 40% share of the Indian market, followed by local manufacturer Micromax at 19%, and then Karbonn, Lava, and Nokia.

According to Apple’s Q2 2014 conference call, the iPhone 4 accounted for a very low, single digit percentage of sales. Apple also announced an all-time record for iPhone sales in the “BRIC” countries — Brazil, Russia, India, and China — though they didn’t elaborate on India’s iPhone sales specifically.

In addition to the iPhone 4, the iiPhone 4s is still for sale, as is the iiPhone 5c (and the iPhone 5s, for those with wallets stuffed with more rupees).

If you’re in India let us know — which iPhone models do you see the most?

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Google Maps takes your trips offline; Adds lane guidance, saved places and more

Google Maps has been updated to include lane guidance, search result filters, and Uber integration. Also, high profile destinations now let you drop down to Street View to get up close and personal, save them for offline viewing, get access to easier directions, and get quick access to saved spot across multiple locations. Oh, and transit directions will show you how long you’re going to be walking too.

This is a pretty beefy update to what is arguably one of Google’s most important apps. Given, Google’s done some fun goofy stuff with Maps like a Pokemon challenge, it’s still hard to find a better online navigation experience. Have you been looking forward to any of these new features? What would you like to see in Google Maps for mobile?

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How to Fly a Prizewinning Racehorse to the Kentucky Derby

How to Fly a Prizewinning Racehorse to the Kentucky Derby

When the crowds and hats and bourbon descend on Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby, all eyes will be on the thoroughbred racehorse—horses that have traveled thousands of miles for the two-minute race. How do elite racehorses fly? Well, let us ascend into the world of equine air travel.

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The Squishy Side of Vigilante Justice Is Still No Place for Kids

If you thought The Raid was a white-knuckle thrill ride, just wait until the fur starts to fly in The Mega Plush II (The Stuffening ?). Armed with nothing but his blades and the reflexes of a jungle cat, Mega Tiger makes decimates a corrupt SOC monkey hit squad faster than Sly Stallone can mumble "Why no officer, I have no idea how that human growth hormone got into my carry-on."

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The Typhoon looks like a cool futuristic fighter with its new top tanks

The Typhoon looks like a cool futuristic fighter with its new top tanks

This picture—taken by airplane photographer Luigi Sani—shows a weird smooth hump on the central fuselage of an Eurofighter Typhoon. It’s one of its two new top Conformal Fuel Tanks, designed to further extend its range. They are now being tested by BAE Systems in wind tunnels.

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This Week in Time Capsules: You’re Capsuling It Wrong

This Week in Time Capsules: You're Capsuling It Wrong

This week in our time capsule news round-up we have the good, the bad, and the boring.

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Candy Crush developer admits it can’t really own the word ‘Candy’

Although King’s $7 billion empire is built on the slim foundation of its lone blockbuster, Candy Crush Saga, many thought its efforts to trademark “Saga” and “Candy” were a bit over-the-top. It now turns out the company isn’t trying to crush every…

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New and updated apps: PDFpen Scan+, Pinnacle Studio for iPad, Twitterrific!

Every day dozens and dozens of new and updated apps and games hit the iOS and Mac App Stores. It’s impossible to keep up with them all, but it’s not impossible to pick out the very best. Here they are! Today we’ve got an update to a great scanning app, a moviemaking app rebuilt for iOS 7, and a cool new feature in a popular Twitter client.

New and updated iOS apps

  • PDFpen Scan+ 1.3: This updated version of Smile’s mobile scanning and OCR app has a redesigned interface and is easier to use. It’s been updated for iOS 7 (now required). Bulk scanning is faster, new features have been added and much more. $4.99 – Download now

  • Pinnacle Studio for iPad 5.0: Corel’s impressive moviemaking app for the iPad has been rebuilt for iOS 7. It now supports 24, 25 and 30 fps projects, lets you duplicate timeline clips, sports a Rotate Media button and much more. $12.99 – Download now

  • Twitterrific 5.7.2: An update to the Iconfactory’s popular Twitter client for iOS brings the Edit Tweet feature, which lets you quickly delete a tweet and reopen the Compose screen. Free – Download now

  • Unpossible: A white-knuckled futuristic endless running game. Not suitable for those prone to motion sickness. Definitely suitable for adrenaline junkies. $1.99 – Download now

  • Scout: Navigation app for US iPhone users. Adds new Search Ahead feature to help you better plan stops for coffee, bathroom breaks, and more. Cheap parking finder to help you find the best prices on parking while traveling, and lots more. Free – Download Now

  • Isolani 1.1: Fight your way through an alien spacecraft, overcoming deadly security robots. The new version has new voices for your favorite characters, a new challenge system and bug fixes. Free – Download now

More apps and updates?

If you try any of the apps or updates, let me know how they work for you. If you got any new or updated apps today that you loved, but don’t see here, let us know about them!

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